Rust Converter is a preparation that stops the corrosion process. It can be used not only on iron and steel, but also on zinc surfaces. Thanks to the use of this product, old, rusty elements will regain their shine and durability.

The Ranal rust converter has the ability to penetrate deeply, which makes it perfect for thicker components covered with a lot of rust. The main task of the preparation is to convert moisture into carbon dioxide, which stops the corrosion process. This significantly strengthens the element by hardening it. The preparation has excellent adhesion to steel, iron, aluminium and zinc.

Before applying the Rust Converter, you only need to remove the top layer of rust, for example with a grinder. Then you need to apply the rust converter and wait for it to start working. The next coat can be applied after eight minutes, while the full drying time does not exceed an hour.

* Sale since 1. of August 2021 r.


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