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Two component putty, designed for filling hollows and unevenness. Thanks to the use of light fillers 1L of the filler weighs 1,25 kg (1L of a traditional putty weighs 1,65 kg). It forms coats of good adhesion to primed and plain surface. It has a lot of flexibility, which makes it possible to use it on elements subject to mechanical vibrations. It can be applied on large surfaces, it does not flow down or shrink while curing. It is resistant to temperature range between -30˚C and +80˚C.


5 ÷ 8 min./ 20°C
The pot life of the mixture 25 ÷ 30 min./ 20°C
10 min./ 60°C
Drying time 2 ÷ 3/100

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