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Two-component polyester filler with addition of special aluminium powder. It is characterized by much lower grade of shrinking than in case of other fillers, very good flexibility, adhesion to the surface, high tolerance of temperature changes and resistance to mechanical vibrations. It can be used for filling large and deep defects and for evening large, flat surfaces. Thanks to good heat dissipation it is suitable for those car body elements, which are exposed to significant temperature changes, e.g. engine covers. This product does not lose its properties even at temperatures up to  90˚C. It is easy to process, and sanded surface results very smooth. ALU putty coat transmits electrostatic charges.


5 ÷ 6 min./ 20°C
The pot life of the mixture 20 min./ 20°C
10 min./ 60°C
Drying time 2 ÷ 3/100

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