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Anti-corrosion Epoxy Undercoat 3:1

Two-components grey undercoat to be applied by a spray gun. One of the components is produced on the basis of epoxy resins and special fillers. The other component (the hardener) is produced on the basis of aliphatic amines. Due to the use of high quality resins and special components, this type of undercoat is corrosion resistant and has very good isolating properties. To be used in renovation car repairs for undercoating new constructions. Recommended especially for intensively operated lorries and buses. It can be used with or without grinding (wet on wet). It is a perfect undercoat guarantying durability and ideal appearance of the lacquer coat. External coat can be applied straight on this type of undercoat.


2 ÷ 3x
3 ÷ 4 bar
Ø 1,6 ÷ 2,2 mm
Product application 24h/ 20°C
1h/ 60°C
Drying time 3:1

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